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Kensington Dollshouse Festival - Summer Show Fri 10th & 11th May 2019 Kensington Town Hall, Horton St, London UK visit website

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Autumn Miniatura Sat 5 and Sun 6 October 2019 (NEC Birmingham UK)

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The job of the Scullery Maid as described in 'The complete servant' Samuel and Sarah Adams. 1826:

It is the business of this servant to light the fires in the kitchen range, and under the copper or boilers, and stew-holes-to wash up all the plates and dishes-scour and clean all the sauce-pans, stew-pans, kettles, pots, and all other kitchen utensils; and to take care that all the latter are always kept clean, dry, and fit for use.

She is to assist the kitchen-maid in picking, trimming, washing and boiling the vegetables, cleaning the kitchen and offices, the servants'-hall, housekeeper's room, and steward's room; and to clean the steps of the front door and the area. She makes the beds for the stable men and generally fetches, carries, and clears away for the cook and kitchenmaid, and otherwise assists in all the laborious parts of the kitchen business. Wages range from 8 to 12 guineas a year.

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In an article for Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine, Kate outlines the change name from K Designs to Kate Pinsent Dolls. The feature on Kate and her dollmaking was published in issue 223

The magazine is available delivered to your door worldwide, the price is £3.99 + postage & packing from the Collectors Club of Great Britain website. visit CC website

Quarter Scale or 1:48 doll houses are gaining popularity particularly in the United States and UK. Kate has managed to combine a poseable body (just as in the larger scale dolls) into 1:48 scale 1/4 inch = 1 foot. The dolls retain all the charm of the 'hand made' with the fun of adopting any pose.

You will find the witches pictured left in our 'Dolls for Sale' Tudor section priced at $25 each or if buying more than one $20 each.

The 1:48 scale Edwardian bathers are priced in the same way as the witches. The Tudor workers in the bewhouse far right are priced at £25 each

On the beach with figures from our 1:48 scale 'Post War/Modern' section.

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From J to K

Jean Nisbett talked to Kate and her mother Jill Bennett for the August 2008 edition of popular UK magazine, The Dolls' House. The interview reveals some wonderful details and quotes.

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Links to useful websites on the 'About us' page includes Artisans in Miniature Petite Properties

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1:24 Scale Tudor Players

Tudor aristocracy frequently wrote plays and performed them in noble households and at Court during the reign of Henry VIII.

In this group we see the players in performance with a little drummer. Despite the noise the cat sleeps on!

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1:48 Scale

Ghosts are at home in any period and such fun. No attic or cupbord under the stairs should be without one,,, or perhaps two!

£25 each or £20 each for 2 or more.

All our 1:12 scale dolls now include extra details and leather shoes. This has required a slight increase in price. Any remaining old stock (with painted shoes) will be sold at previous prices.
(Closre-up) Tudor Maid in 1:12
18th Century Maid in 1:12
1:12 Scale Our new Tudor Tavern figures are complete in every detail including leather footwear.

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