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Kate Pinsent began to develop her 1:24 scale dolls in 2005. The dolls are fully posable and are made entirely from metal with twisted steel joints. This means that they are not only robust, but the posability gives them life and character as seen when they are put in to groups.

Kate has a range of standard types of dolls, for example a Tudor Merchant Family and a Tudor Kitchen Group, but also enjoys creating new characters from reference books and photographs. She is happy to make a doll to order, either from one of her previous dolls (although it would not be identical as all the dolls are individually painted and dressed), or an original character to a customer's specifications.

Kate is the daughter of illustrator and former dollmaker Jill Bennett she had dressed Jill's 1:12 scale dolls for many years. Kate has now taken over Jill's previous business, J Designs, The J Designs dolls are 1:12 scale with porcelain heads and metal bodies. Kate will make them to order, and displays her 1:12 stock range on this website.(see image on right).

The fun that can be had with posable dolls is now extended by Kate to 1:48 scale. This most recent range of dolls offers the posing features of the 1:12 and 1:24 scale dolls across the entire range.

In February of 2013 kate's trading name of K Designs was dropped and the name Kate Pinsent Dolls adopted.

J Designs 1/12th scale dolls
Kate Pinsent
The J Designs dolls above are in 1:12 scale and have porcelain heads and metal bodies.
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