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Kate loves to design complete families and related groups, but much of the fun is in mixing and matching.

By scrolling to the right we see some Edwardian selections taken from our 'Dolls for Sale' pages set in typical Australian scenes from the period together with some

The Edwardian Period in British history, describes the period from covering the reign of King Edward VII (1901 to 1910) Edward was part of a fashionable elite that set a new style influenced by the art and fashions of continental Europe.

In Australia, any new vessel that arrived in Sydney’s Circular Quay, would be met by a small army of local seamstresses eager to see the latest European fashions. It was said that the new styles would be in the shops by the end of the week.

The wagon in this scene has Sandalwood painted on its side boards. This was the name of the old Buttenshaw property situated on the edge of Lake Cowal, NSW. The Buttenshaws took the wagon twice a year into the town of Young (a bumpy journey of two full days) to re-stock on provisions. Mrs Buttenshaw often took this opportunity to buy new dressmaking materials. On one occasion she refused to take the trip to Young. When asked why, she said “I would be ashamed to be seen in Young in the same dress as last time... I've had no chance to make a new one”.
Victorian 1:24 scale Group selections Victorian 1:24 scale Group selections
Going to town
Edwarian Lady
Edwarian Butcher
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